I don’t like to brag, unless you ask me about my job—no other workplace puts my health and happiness first. I really enjoy coming here five days a week.

— Alicia

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Coming from the small island of Guam, I found the partners to be very sincere during the interview process and it gave me a sense of family. At Wedgewood, the employees’ interests are a top priority and the partners are very approachable and easy to talk to.

— Elena

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Wedgewood provides the structure of a corporate environment without all the “red tape”. Decisions are more fluid here and there’s good communication throughout the organization.

— Frank

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The moment I walked into the office for my interview four years ago, I could see how different and unique the company was. Never did I think—a kid from Pacoima, with bad credit and no money in the bank—would ever become a home owner. Well it happened this past year, and it’s all thanks to Wedgewood’s employee homeownership benefit program.

— Erick

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The overall work environment and office culture here at Wedgewood is what really stood out to me and made me want to join the team. The incredible investing opportunities, benefits, and employee perks also makes Wedgewood not only a professional company, but truly an exciting place to work.

— Angelica

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Working here at Wedgewood has been a life changing experience for me. From the moment I met the president of Wedgewood and his enthusiasm for the business, I knew that this was no ordinary company.

— Maria

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Wedgewood was built on the idea that it’s best to move quickly in the direction of opportunity and to refine strategy and goals along the way. This is why we refer to ourselves as the 30-year-old startup.

With our collective goal to be the best in class, we believe that change is constant, and there is always room for improvement. Wedgewood's leadership empowers employees to think critically and promotes collaboration, teamwork, and the open exchange of ideas. Great ideas can come from any employee and are embraced. We challenge conventional wisdom and take measured risks with those opportunities that show a strong likelihood for success. Because of this entrepreneurial spirit, Wedgewood employees share a strong sense of optimism, are passionate about their work and love coming to the office every day.

At Wedgewood, we often challenge conventional wisdom and take measured risks with those opportunities that show a strong likelihood for success.

Where others see barriers, we see solutions. People love working for Wedgewood because good ideas are embraced, people are empowered in their positions, and new ideas are incubated and companies launched in quick succession.


The same values on which the company was founded 30 years ago still guide us today. Honest, hardworking, family-first individuals make up the company and it is with these values that our decisions, investments, and businesses are launched. Our reputation with our investors is impeccable while our results and returns speak for themselves.

Roll up your sleeves and work with us – see our values in action.


Performance-based bonuses

Based on both the company’s overall performance and the individual employee’s work performance.

Traditional & Roth 401k programs

Wedgewood matches employee contributions, up to 3% of employee salary.

Home ownership & loan program

Employees have the opportunity to purchase homes that the company has acquired, and they may take out a loan with Skyline Mortgage, our conforming mortgage partner, in which all lender fees and origination points are waived.

Falcon Circle

A cross-departmental committee on culture, workflow, and process that takes into account employee suggestions during a monthly review.


We offer our team members traditional benefits like medical, dental, and vision coverage, but we also have many additional and unique perks that come with a career at Wedgewood.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Plentiful charging stations at the office encourage employees to drive electric vehicles to work.

Employee Vacation Homes

There are currently thirteen vacation properties for employees to utilize for free in locations such as Utah, Colorado, Las Vegas, Big Bear, and Palm Springs.

Dry cleaning

Pickup and delivery services at the office.

In-house investment programs

The purpose of Wedgewood’s various investment programs is to allow employees to participate in the growth and profitability of the company, with the goal of creating long-term wealth for individual employees.

Kitchen areas

Stocked with healthy snacks, fresh fruit, coffee, tea and water.

Food Truck Tuesdays

Food trucks rotate weekly.

Basketball hoop, ping pong table, pool table, and shuffleboard

Available for when you need a break from work or want to have a friendly In-office tournament with colleagues.

Company-sponsored outings

Dodgers games, bowling leagues, and bocce ball tournaments.

Monthly Townhall

30 minute live session every month with Wedgewood’s leadership for company updates and a Q&A session (and live-streamed for those who are out of the office).

Job Listings

Job Listings

We’re always on the lookout for outstanding candidates to join our team. Simply find the position you’re interested in and you can apply right here on the site by uploading your resume or applying via LinkedIn.

Head over to the Job Listings page for a complete list of all available positions and to find the perfect job for you.

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