Wedgefest 2016

Searching for a way to harness the energy, enthusiasm, skills and philanthropic hearts of Wedgewood’s employees, Greg Geiser asked our State Assemblyman, David Hadley, where the greatest need was in our community. David Hadley put Greg in touch with Sharefest, a non-profit revitalization organization based out of Torrance that brings together projects in need and philanthropic groups looking to lend a hand. And from that fateful meeting, Wedgefest was born.

Our first Wedgefest project was the rehabilitation of Wilmington Park Elementary School, a 100-year old school that was badly in need of upgrades. On March 31st, 2016, 107 Wedgewood employees broke into eleven teams to take on multiple projects at the school that included a refurbished teacher’s lounge, a revitalized library with new paint, books, and a beautiful mural, new backboards for the basketball courts, and a re-landscaped play area with bench seating and artwork.

When the dust finally settled at the end of the day, Wilmington Park Elementary School received a total of $45,000 in upgrades. In addition to this contribution, Wedgewood also collected and donated 50 pairs of shoes and 500 books to the students.

Wilmington Park Elementary was the perfect opportunity for Wedgewood to leverage its employees’ unique skills while giving back to our community and is just the first of many Wedgefest projects to come.

Click on this link to view theĀ thank you note from WPE Principal Nakano.