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Founded in 1985, Wedgewood has grown into a diversified, real estate company with complementary businesses which include residential investments, loan assets, commercial investments, brokerage, escrow, and more.

The residential investments business  is the backbone of Wedgewood and includes the purchase, revitalization and resale of single-family residences throughout the United States.

  • Our success factors include:
  • Unrivaled capability and execution
  • Experienced team
  • Vertically integrated in-house capabilities
  • Proactive inventory management
  • Process and data-driven approach
  • Proprietary technology

Every home has a story.
So do we.

Our founder Greg Geiser was born and raised in Oklahoma and worked his way through college at Oklahoma State starting a small business building decks. In his senior year, Greg bought his first investment property for $11,000 and spent that summer renovating the property and was able to sell it at a profit.

Leaving Oklahoma for the West Coast, he graduated from UCLA’s Anderson School of Management and went to work for a large developer. In 1985, Greg attended his first foreclosure sale and bought his first auction property on Oak Knoll Gardens in Pasadena. While still in the parking lot at the auction Greg approached a young couple who said it was their dream home, but they didn’t have the cash required for the auction. Greg struck a deal to sell the property and using the hood of a car as a makeshift desk they signed a contract and deposit check.

With these initial successful sales under his belt, and wanting to pivot from his then position in a large company. Greg and his mentor met at the Charthouse restaurant in Westwood to discuss his future business plans. Greg wanted to create a company focused on distressed housing, with a culture of hard work in an environment that created an enthusiastic and enjoyable workplace. When the discussion turned to a name for the business, the Wedge table they were seated at and the “wood” in Westwood merged to form our company name. That is the start of our story…


Gregory L. Geiser

Gregory L. Geiser


As Founder, President & CEO, Greg has laid the foundation of Wedgewood’s corporate vision. He started Wedgewood in 1985 after spending several years at Murdock Development Company as Assistant to the President of Murdock Hotels Corporation. Earlier in his career, he worked as a financial analyst at Crocker Bank in San Francisco. Greg earned his B.S. in Civil Engineering from Oklahoma State University in 1980, and his M.B.A. from UCLA's Graduate School of Management in 1982.

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David R. Wehrly

Executive Vice President Wedgewood / President Wedgewood Commercial

Darin Puhl

Executive Vice President Wedgewood / President Wedgewood Homes

Lisa M. Wehrly

Chief Operating Officer Wedgewood

Jamie Bedner

Senior Vice President Wedgewood Homes & Maverick

Justin Bruni

Senior Vice President Wedgewood Homes

Jim Raezer

Senior Vice President Wedgewood Loan Assets and Capital Markets

Steve Meilicke

Chief Financial Officer

Rick Gehringer

Chief Information Officer

David Poitras

Corporate Secretary / General Counsel Wedgewood

Management Team

Diana Fitzpatrick

Diana Fitzpatrick

Vice President Wedgewood Homes Realty DRE# 01946307
Barry Smith

Barry Smith

Vice President Wedgewood Loan Assets
Elena Aquino

Elena Aquino

Vice President Greenhedge License Number 96DBO-43839
Maria Garcia

Maria Garcia

Director, Brokerage Compliance & Operations Wedgewood Homes Realty DRE #01291539
Sonja Orquiola

Sonja Orquiola

Director, Wedgewood Homes Operations
Mercy Gutierrez

Mercy Gutierrez

Director of Acquisition Operations Wedgewood
Sheri Crandall

Sheri Crandall

Legal Operations Manager Wedgewood

Advisory Board

Bob Frerichs

Bob Frerichs

James R. Henry

James R. Henry

Kenneth Slutsky

Kenneth Slutsky

Bruce Hardy McLain

Bruce Hardy McLain

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