We’re always on the lookout for outstanding candidates to join our team.

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Coming from the small island of Guam, I found the partners to be very sincere during the interview process and it gave me a sense of family. At Wedgewood, the employees’ interests are a top priority and the partners are very approachable and easy to talk to.

— Elena

Photo of Elena

The overall work environment and office culture here at Wedgewood is what really stood out to me and made me want to join the team. The incredible investing opportunities, benefits, and employee perks also makes Wedgewood not only a professional company, but truly an exciting place to work.

— Angelica

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Working here at Wedgewood has been a life changing experience for me. From the moment I met the president of Wedgewood and his enthusiasm for the business, I knew that this was no ordinary company.

— Maria

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Wedgewood was built on the idea that it’s best to move quickly in the direction of opportunity and to refine strategy and goals along the way. This is why we refer to ourselves as the 30-year-old startup.

With our collective goal to be the best in class, we believe that change is constant, and there is always room for improvement. Wedgewood's leadership empowers employees to think critically and promotes collaboration, teamwork, and the open exchange of ideas. Great ideas can come from any employee and are embraced. We challenge conventional wisdom and take measured risks with those opportunities that show a strong likelihood for success. Because of this entrepreneurial spirit, Wedgewood employees share a strong sense of optimism, are passionate about their work and love coming to the office every day.

At Wedgewood, we often challenge conventional wisdom and take measured risks with those opportunities that show a strong likelihood for success.

Where others see barriers, we see solutions. People love working for Wedgewood because good ideas are embraced, people are empowered in their positions, and new ideas are incubated and companies launched in quick succession.

Our Core Purpose


Our Core Values


Lunch Break Seminars

Pictured here, Shola Richards, corporate trainer and author of the Positivity Solution.

Department outings and team building.

Team Bocce Ball Tournament

Wedgefest II

Employees participated in six community beautification projects and one home makeover for a local hero.

Working at Wedgewood

At Wedgewood, we believe our most valuable resource is our employees".
- Lisa Wehrly

Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest

United Way Homewalk Fundraiser


Volunteer activities where employees can give back to the community. Wilmington Park Elementary renovation.

NFL Season Kick-Off Tailgate Party

Halloween Costume Contest


We offer team members traditional benefits like medical, dental, and vision coverage and also have additional perks that come with a career at Wedgewood.

Logo for charging

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Plentiful charging stations at the office encourage employees to drive electric vehicles to work.

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Traditional & Roth 401k programs

Wedgewood matches employee contributions, up to 3% of employee salary.

Logo of house

In-house investment programs

Wedgewood's various investment programs allow employees to participate in the growth and profitability of the company with the goal of creating long-term wealth for individual employees.

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Performance-based bonuses

Based on both the company’s overall performance and the individual employee’s work performance.

We’re always on the lookout for outstanding candidates to join our team.

Head over to the Job Listings page for a complete list of all available positions and to find the perfect job for you.

Career Growth Stories

Diana Fitzpatrick
Current Role: Senior Brokerage Sales Supervisor
Tenure: 14 years

As a senior member of the Maxim Properties team, Diana negotiates offers made on Wedgewood properties across the US. She started her career at Wedgewood as a temp and now supervises Asset Managers, the Listings Team, and the Offers Team.

Diana's Advice to New Hires

"Prove yourself through your work—your managers will notice. And be patient. Building your career takes time; it is not Amazon Prime."

Diana's Career Path
  1. Field Appraiser, Bidder & Property Manager

  2. Property Tax Appeals Coordinator

  3. Asset Manager & Contracts Negotiator

  4. Senior Brokerage Sales Supervisor

Mercy Gutierrez
Current Role: Operations Manager
Tenure: 21 years

As a senior member of the acquisitions team, Mercy and her team support Wedgewood’s property acquisitions through property research. Contrary to popular belief, she was not born at Wedgewood but has spent most of her adult life here. She started her career at Wedgewood as a receptionist, worked while going back to school for an MBA, and now supervises a team of 20.

Mercy's Advice to New Hires

"Pay attention to the details and never stop being inquisitive. Learning the basics of what our company does gives you the foundation to excel both professionally and personally."

Mercy's Career Path
  1. Receptionist & File Clerk

  2. Invoicing

  3. Relocation

  4. Property Rehabs

  5. Operations Manager

Olivia Reyes
Current Role: Relocation Manager
Tenure: 18 years

Olivia is the first line of interaction with those most directly affected by the foreclosures. She works with the people that are in transition, building a bridge through communication to help get the family or individual into a new place so that they can build a new foundation for themselves going forward.

Olivia's Advice to New Hires

"Embrace change. Change is inevitable and the sooner you accept it, good or bad, the quicker you will grow as a productive member of the team."

Olivia's Career Path
  1. File Clerk

  2. Assistant to Broker's Agent

  3. Accounting

  4. Property Manager

  5. Sales Bidder

  6. Relocation Manager

Barry Smith
Current Role: Director of Asset Management at HMC
Tenure: 4 years

Barry and his team direct a large portfolio of single family loans and assets which include both performing and delinquent mortgages, private money loans, rental properties, and REO properties. The scope and breadth of each asset is unique and his team reviews every asset individually to procure the best resolution. Borrowers with delinquent loans are reviewed first for possible retention options such as bringing the loan current, cooperation with various non-profit modification and principle reduction programs, and "in-house” modification reviews. If retention options are not possible, borrowers are also reviewed for non-retention options such a deed in lieu of foreclosure and short payoffs.

Barry's Advice to New Hires

"The company goes beyond offering you just a "job"; it offers a career and a future. The company is constantly growing and changing. If you feel you are stuck, explore another business unit that interests you. With so many companies under one roof, there is always room to grow. You just need to be hungry and grab the chance. There are not many companies that can offer so many different opportunities to its employees."

Barry's Career Path
  1. Asset Manager

  2. Director of Asset Management

Internship Program

Our internship program provides meaningful work experience. At the end of your program, you will have a solid understanding of Wedgewood overall as well as the individual role that is played by each of our vertically integrated business units. At the end of the internship, there may be an opportunity for a job upon graduation based on availability in addition to performance fit.

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Internship Program

About the Program

Located at Wedgewood's corporate headquarters just blocks from the ocean in Redondo Beach, our intern program lasts 8-10 weeks. Our intern program provides you with an opportunity to see the real estate industry in its fully integrated form -- something you can't find anywhere else in the industry.

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    Fixed Position

    An intern in a fixed role is dedicated to one specialization within one of our businesses.

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    Intern Olympics

    The intern will have the opportunity to take part in our annual Intern Olympics and present challenges in front of the entire organization while competing against another team of interns for a grand prize.

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Meet One of Our Interns

Carmen Crow
Current Role: Acquisitions Analyst
Tenure: 3 years

Carmen interned with our Acquisitions team during her 2015-2016 school year. She liked the work and we liked her go-getter attitude. She is now a full-time employee with our Acquisitions team.

What Carmen learned

"The intern program is dynamic—you get the opportunity to work with different people within the company who require assistance on a variety of tasks. When scouting for and acquiring potential assets, I find myself utilizing the knowledge that I obtained during the internship."